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The Udmurt Republic
Udmurtia is located on the border of the mining Ural and the Volga trading region. The synthesis of opposites — the industrial machine and the greatness of wildlife and traditions — is the basis of the way of the territory. The capital of Udmurtia, Izhevsk is a city-factory. Here is the largest in the territory of the industrial zone in Russia, which is located in the heart of the city. For the needs of the weapons factory in Izhevsk, the largest artificial reservoir in Europe has been created. Izhevsk is the armory capital of Russia and the forge of design personnel. Izhevsk Arms Factory was the first to master the production of the two most massive types of armament of the Russian army: the three-linear rifle of S. I. Mosin and the machine gun of M.T. Kalashnikov. In 2011, the capital of Udmurtia was awarded the title «City of Labor Glory»
reasons to visit

To shoot from Kalashnikov machine

Izhevsk City

In the Armory capital of Russia — Izhevsk, where most of his life worked great gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov

M. T. Kalashnikov – Soviet and Russian small arms designer, doctor of technical Sciences, Lieutenant-General, the Creator of the world famous Kalashnikov machine. There is a Museum dedicated to the life and work of the legendary gunsmith, where you can visit a shooting range and shoot from machine guns.

To shake hands with a legend of world sport Galina Alekseevna Kulakova

Settlement Yugdon

GA Kulakova — Soviet skier, 4-time Olympic champion, 9-time world champion, World Cup winner, 39-time champion of the USSR, Honored coach of Russia

To try perepechi in the Museum-Reserve «Ludorvai»

Zavyalovsky district

The architectural and ethnographic museum-reserve «Ludorvai» is an open-air museum created to preserve monuments of folk architecture. Perepechi is an old and one of the most famous dishes of Udmurt cuisine, a small open pie on unfermented dough with meat, mushroom or vegetable fillings, usually topped with a mixture of eggs and milk. Yummy!

To play the children’s grand piano of Tchaikovsky

Votkinsk town

P.I. Tchaikovsky is the Russian composer, the conductor, the teacher, the musical public figure, the musical journalist, the doctor of music. In the town of Votkinsk there is the Museum-Estate, where the family of P. Tchaikovsky lived. Here is the piano «Wirth» — the most expensive relic of the museum, to the keys of which touched the fingers of little Peter.

To go on a visit to fairy-tale heroes

Sharkansk district

Udmurtia is a land where fabulous heroes live. Every year a festival of fairy-tale characters is held in the village of Sharkan. The most popular are Tol Babai (Udmurt Grandfather Frost), Baba Yaga and Lopsho Pedun (merry fellow and joker of Udmurt folk tales)

We invite you to the homeland of Udmurt Grandfather Frost — one of the most beautiful places of our region, which is called Udmurt Switzerland. Slopes and hills with centuries-old firs, life-giving springs and the beautiful Kargor, from which Tol Babai came down to us. Together with his granddaughter Snegurochka (Lymy Nyl), he meets guests in a new fairy-tale residence all year round.

To walk in the field with Italmas flowers

And drink the pure curative spring water

Italmas is a favourite flower of Udmurts. Italmas — a symbol of love and grief, fidelity and separation, hope and joy. Many poets and writers of Udmurtia praised it in their works.

Udmurtia is considered to be the spring region because in its territory there is a large number of these natural sources, many of which — curative. In Udmurtia, health-improving rest is developing, many sanatoriums where hydrotherapy is practiced with the help of mineral waters, different in composition and effect on the body, and mud treatment procedures. Many people come to Udmurtia not only to have a rest and admire the picturesque landscapes, but also to improve their health.

To sing with the Buranovski grandmothers and taste tabany prepared by them

Malopurginsky district

Buranovsky grandmothers — the Russian music band from the village of Buranovsky grandmothers — the Russian music band from the village of Buranovo of the Malopurginsky district of Udmurtia singing the Udmurt, Russian national songs and various hits of the famous Russian and foreign performers, rehashing them in native Udmurt language.

Taban — a flat cake, like a pancake. Grandmothers throughout Udmurtia bake them from rye, from buckwheat, from wheat flour and from pea flour.

To feel like a Decembrist or a revolutionary

The museum «Stage Point» in the village of Bachkeevo

The Siberian tract is a road that runs across Russia from St. Petersburg to Okhotsk. The length of the tract — 9000 km — is the longest road in the world and a historical monument of five centuries. On the territory of Udmurtia, this road stretches for 217 km. Two branches of the Siberian tract — Moscow and St. Petersburg — converged in the village of Debesy, then there was only one road to Siberia.

On this route people went to Siberia on foot and in shackles. But he served not only for the staging: it tied together two parts of a huge empire.

To visit the source of Kama

Kez district

One of the largest and most beautiful rivers in Russia Kama originates in the village of Kuliga, the center of the Old Believers’ culture, which is almost 180 years old. The source of Kama is a spring, around which there is a park, where tourists from all over the country come to stand with one foot on one side of the great Kama, and another foot on the other.

To look at the wonders of the domestic car industry

Izhevsk City

To stay in Udmurtia and not visit the Izhevsk Automobile Plant is simply impossible! The main part of the exhibition in the Museum of the Automobile Factory is an exhibition of cars that were produced in Izhevsk in different years and a number of unique prototypes. After the museum you can visit the factory workshops and see the present modern production of cars.